project from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

See What You Can do With a Stencil and a Little Time?

I’m popping in here today to direct your attention over to Tiny Rotten Peanuts to see my Stencil Stool project! I got to try out the new Mod Podge Rocks stencils, and they’re wonderful. Head on over for the full tutorial and details and while you’re there, poke around, read some stuff. Also feel free… 

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Art Appreciation 2nd Grade: Distortion

This is an art history presentation the kids get excited about because it’s fun to look at how artists use distortion in their work- just check out that crazy Giacometti sculpture below, and see what they have to say about it! ***** Artists use colors, shapes and lines in their works; these are called the… 

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pom pom earrings project from

DIY Pom Pom Earrings

What is it about pom poms? They’re these little brightly colored balls of fun, and everybody wants to make crafts with them, and they make everybody happy, right? I wanted in on the happiness, so I decided to go ahead and just make some simple pom pom earrings. Seriously, this is jewelry-making at its easiest…. 

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coat hanger weaving project •

Coat Hanger Weaving

Here’s another art project that Fen came home from school with- coat hanger weaving. I’ve been meaning to dive into some weaving up in this joint, and here it comes walking in our front door. She enjoyed it so much at school, she asked if she could show me how to do it. How cool… 

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Louise Moillon still life - Art History for Kids

Art Appreciation for 1st Grade: Still Life

Still life paintings are something many kids have seen at this point, but not discussed. Here you get a wide range of paintings to chat about and compare with your kids. Which on is your favorite? I’m loving that crazy-dramatic light in the Cotan painting. Introduction: A “still life” is a painting or drawing of… 

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alcohol and watercolors •

Drippy, Splashy Watercolor Process Art

  Process art is not something we do a lot of here at Artchoo, so I was intrigued and excited to join some other bloggers in experimenting with process art in a certain theme and posting about it on the same day. (See the links to everyone else’s experiences at the bottom.) I bought some… 

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Art Appreciation for Kindergarten: Umbrellas and Parasols

I love this way of looking at paintings- especially for young kids. You take 2 paintings with similar themes and compare and contrast them. Simple and effective in getting their eyes scouring the paintings and taking all the details in. Here’s the Powerpoint presentation for Umbrellas and Parasols if you want to download it. Give… 

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all sorts of tape projects and activities for kids •

Tape Art Projects and Activities Roundup

  Tape is truly and absolutely one of the best art materials ever. You can use it as a means to an end, as in tape resist projects, or as the end material itself (tape collage). It spans so easily between art and craft projects and you can’t forget how functional it is. For instance,… 

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Introducing Rockin’ Art Moms

Here’s what happens when a few creative mom bloggers get together who mostly blog about kid stuff: their creative juices flow like crazy, they bond, and they all want to be a part of something bigger than their individual blogs. (While still keeping their individual blogs, of course.) Thus, the birth of RAMs. I’ve joined… 

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5th Grade Art Appreciation: 19th Century European Art

Hooray for 19th Century European Art! Here is my next presentation in my Art History for kids series, and this one is for the 5th graders (or anyone you’d like to show it to, really.) Background Information (for the presenter): The modern world as we know it today started in the 19th century. The Industrial… 

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toys on a diy mini ice rink •

DIY Mini Ice Skating Rink

Since we aren’t getting quite enough of the cold weather lately, we decided to bring the outdoors in! Actually, this experiment was partly to see how quickly the water would freeze, and partly because I had a long conversation with Beckett recently about ice skating. Or rather, he asked me a million questions about ice… 

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Zero to Two- the book of play (25 activities for your wee ones)

Baby Play Official Launch

This one is for those of you who have zero to 2 year olds. I remember those days- trying your best to stimulate your kid with lots of play and activities, and secretly wanting to fall over into a heap to take a quick snooze. It’s hard to come up with ideas on your own… 

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Greek statue discus thrower - Discobolos - Art History for Kids •

4th Grade Art Appreciation: Classical Art

  We are embarking on an exciting topic with this presentation… wait for it….. Classical Greek and Roman Art!! (I suppose the title of the post already gave it away. Oh well.) Discobolos (Discus Thrower), Myron, life-sized, 450 BC  Questions to Ask the Kids: This is a life-sized statue made in ancient Greece (450 BC)… 

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I’m a Finalist for Art Ed Blog of the Year!

Oh man. I woke up today to a sweet surprise waiting for me in my email inbox (amongst 400 or so spam and junk emails, sigh). Artchoo has been selected as one of the finalists to win “Art Ed Blog of the Year!” from The Art of Education.  I am honored that somebody even nominated me, and… 

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painted stripes cork board project

Apple Barrel Paint: Stripey Valentine Holder

Love is in the air! And so are Valentines crafts, of course. I was a little excited to get my hands on Apple Barrel Craft Paints (my sponsor for this post) to mess around with, because I really don’t have that much experience with craft paints. I’m sort of an acrylic paint snob… but when you’re… 

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Art Appreciation for 3rd Graders •

Art Appreciation for 3rd Grade: Circles

This is so cool! We’re exploring composition in these paintings, with ‘circles’ being the main idea. Kids will become aware of a technique that artists use to keep your eye moving around the canvas. Introduction (for the presenter):  All artists use color, shape, and line in their work; these are called the elements of art…. 

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