Cool Sprayed T-Shirt Project

Spray Paint Tshirt Project

We’re big fans of making art on t-shirts, because, hey, wearable art!

This is a fun, non-toxic way for kids to get a spray-paint effect and outfit themselves with a new t-shirt in anticipation of Spring. I was originally going to make this project using spray paint, and was so excited to find a product that acts like spray paint without the fumes.


spray paint tshirt project



  • 100% cotton t-shirt in white (Hello, Target.)
  • Fabric spray paint*
  • Cardboard for inside of shirt
  • Paper to lay out under the shirt
  • Circle stickers
  • Masking tape



Place dots and masking tape anywhere you want on the shirt. Make a design, or randomly place them. Fen decided to make a character from Minecraft with the tape, and swirl the dots around at the bottom.

Spray paint tshirt project

Shake the paint well, and spray from 6-8″ away, keeping the paint moving over the surface. You don’t want it to pool in one place. (Practice on a piece of scrap paper beforehand.)

Fen sprayed 2 paint colors in alternating swoopy-stripes.

spray paint tshirt project


Wait for the paint to dry, (about an hour), and remove your stickers and tape. Leave the shirt alone for 72 hours before washing. (Or if you’re like us, wear the shirt to school the next day.) You don’t need to heat-set this paint, unlike other fabric dyes.

spray paint tshirt project


spray paint t-shirt project

* This is the paint we used. I bought it by the individual can at Michael’s. This is the 6-pack at Amazon, which I’m sort of coveting.


  1. Piyamas says

    This spray paint has received bad reviews due to its dripping and spurting. Did you experience any problems?

    • says

      Ya know, we didn’t have any trouble like that, but we only did the one shirt. I wonder if it’s similar to spray paint in that way. I always have trouble with spray paint after using it for a while. Maybe it’s just the nature of the can design.
      Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Popular 1970s ToysMy Profile

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