The Brilliance of Colored Cardstock

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This isn’t ordinary dull construction paper.

Dramatic pause.

This is magic paper! It comes in lots of sumptuous colors and shades and is smooth and heavy weight, but not too thick. It’s perfect for collaging or oil pastels, chalk pastels, paper sculpting, masks, weaving. In short, it’s one of those materials that I would consider a staple. Multipurpose to be sure.

We have these circle punches that we use all the time for various projects, and they come in handy for making quick collage shapes. So we broke them out and punched away.

paper collage |

We used the dots as well as the paper around where the dots had been punched out, for a little negative space action.


Paper collage trees |

Paper circles make good tree tops; Fen made 2 of these forests.

This was a totally open-ended project. No rules- she just worked with 2 colors she loved and made her own patterns and designs.

Paper collage |


Paper collage |


This stuff is seriously fun to work with and your kids will keep reaching for new colors, making new shapes, and using random scraps from the table to make new art.

We used stick glue. I love it for how quick and easy it is, so kids can get on with the arranging of shapes. I love when kids just grab art materials and start in on making things. It’s inherent, isn’t it? Like why would they not just dig in and create? If adults encountered a table full of the same art materials, they would probably eye everything longingly and wait to see if anyone else made the first move. But can’t you just picture a table full of adults throwing caution to the wind and having fun making art?



We’ve used both of these cardstock brands before. They’re both great – the pack below has more color options, but the pack above has more pieces of each color. I tend to like to have tons of different colors, but I’m greedy that way.

cardstock pack


circle punch

circle punch


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    Awesome! We have so much construction paper and cardstock laying around – never thought about pulling out the circle puncher and going to town :)
    I’m stopping by from SITS – congrats on your feature today!

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